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              Hebei Chida R&D Center is awarded as “Hebei Provincial Technology Innovation Center”

              Our company always attaches great importance to scientific and technology innovation, taking technology development and talent cultivation as our goals. The company has put a huge amount of funding in R&D construction aiming to improve the industry’s independent innovation ability and market competitiveness. After years of development and improvement, our R&D Center has formed a high quality team of 20people, including two with doctor’s degrees, which is well complemented and allocated with different majors based on the international frontier specialty as mechanical chemistry/fine powder and mineral materials as the core. The R&D center is well equipped with chemical/physical property testing facilities, as well as trial and pilot scale production equipment, which is at the highest position in China and at the same level as the world’s top technology in the fields of high reflective ceramic granules for cool roofing and find powder processing technique in domestic.

              With reference to “Announcement of the 2nd Batch of Newly Built Provincial Technology Innovation Centers”(冀科平函No.[2018]40) issued by Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department, our R&D Center has been awarded as “Provincial Technology Innovation Center” by Hebei Science and Technology Department.


              • No.B2305, Times Ark Building, Guangan Street, Shijiazhuang
              • 86-311-86219861
              • 86-311-86219891
              • cnchida@cnchida.com
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