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              Ceramic Beads
              Steel/Aluminum/Alloy Casting

              Ceramic Beads is produced with optimized chemical composition for various types of casting. 
              With ideal spherical shape, it has excellent fluidity and filling property and can be used in big, middle and small steel and iron casting parts extensively. It is suitable for various bonds of casting mould, therefore it can meet the needs of various usage. It also has an advantage at the regeneration of casting sand. Repeated use of ceramic beads can reduce casting cost largely.

              Particle Size:
              AFS15/30/40/45/50/55/65/75,90~AFS200,or as request

                                          Spherical Shape
                                          Glazed surface and compact inner
                                          Excellent refractoriness
                                          Good regeneration and low cost
                                  Making mould and Core:
                                  Organic or Inorganic self-harden casting mould
                                  Furan resin molding, Alkali-phenol resin molding, etc.
                                  Hot-Harden Casting mould
                                  RCS molding:Gas-harden casting mould
                                  Cold-box molding, CO2 molding
                                  Hot media for fluidized bed furnace
                                  Lost Foam Casting
                                  Coating materials for foundry
              Packing: in 25kg paper bag or 1000kg container bag.


              • No.B2305, Times Ark Building, Guangan Street, Shijiazhuang
              • 86-311-86219861
              • 86-311-86219891
              • cnchida@cnchida.com
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