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              Mullite Sand/Powder
              Precision Casting

              Mullite Sand/Powder for precision casting is made from high quality hard clay through high temperature calcination and special process. The product has stable and reliable casting property, consistent size distribution, extremely low iron and dust content. It is widely used in precision casting industry.

              Chemical Composition and Physical Property



              Bulk Density

              Dust Content



              ≥2.45 g/cm3

              Max. 300ppm




              Size : 0.1-0.3mm, 0.1-0.4mm, 0.18-0.3mm, 0.18-0.5mm, 0.3-0.7mm, 0.3-0.8mm, 0.425-0.85mm
              0.5-1.0mm, 0.7-1.0mm, 0.7-1.5mm, -120Mesh, -200Mesh, -325Mesh, etc.
              Other size can be provided as request

              Application: Precision Casting Shell
              Packing: 1) in 25kg paper bag or complex bag, 40bags per pallet
                              2) 1000kg container bag

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