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              Founded in 2001, Hebei Chida Manufacture and Trade Co., Ltd. Is a specialized industrial material manufacturer. The company mainly produced Mullite Sand/Flour for Precision Casting, Ceramic Beads for Steel/Al/Alloy casting, Mica Powder, Reflective Roofing Granules, High Transparent/Optical Glass Materials and Superfine Sodium Bicarbonate for Exhaust Gas Purification as well as other Aluminum Silicate materials for the industries of Precision Casting, Iron and Steel Casting, Building Industry, Glass, Exhaust Gas Purification, etc. for the markets of Europe. America, Japan, Korea etc.

              As a non-metallic mineral products supplier, quality and innovation are always the top priority. The company has a professional quality control and R&D team responsible for daily quality management and new product development which is equipped with advanced analysis facilities.

              All our work are implemented stringently conforming to the requirement of ISO 9001:2008. With advanced production technique, top ranking analysis facility and systematic quality control procedure, Hebei Chida is committed to provide the customer with high quality products. After years of efforts and development, our company enjoys high reputation and competitive advantage in domestic and oversea markets

              Management Principle

              To Answer the Customers' Question with Active and Friend Attitude, Canonical and Quick Work Style.

              To Satisfy the Customers' Need stably with High Quality Product and Best Service.

              To Offer Faithful Service to the User Standing on a Manufacturer 


              • No.B2305, Times Ark Building, Guangan Street, Shijiazhuang
              • 86-311-86219861
              • 86-311-86219891
              • cnchida@cnchida.com
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